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How to clean gutters like a boss!

helpful gutter cleaning tips

We recently spoke with a professional gutter cleaning company who gladly shared a few tips with us on how to help keep your gutters clean.

Tip # 1 Dress correctly!

Before attempting to clean your gutters the very first thing you should do is make sure that you are dressed correctly. Be sure to wear a long sleeved shirt and make sure that you wear proper closed tie up shoes. This will ensure that you reduce the chances of falling from the roof as a result of wearing slippery, non-secure footwear. The long sleeved shirt will reduce the likelihood that you incur scratches from sticks and branches.

Tip # 2 Managing your yard

Maintaining you’re yard can help alleviate the amount of debris which ends up in your gutters. This can include trimming back tree branches and palm leaves, which might be overlapping the roof.

This tip in itself can also have an added benefit of reducing the likelihood of possums climbing on your roof. This is because possums typically use overhanging branches as a form of ladder to gain access to your roof. If you remove their ‘ladder’, you are going to make it much harder to clamber around on your roof at night.

Tip # 2 Regular cleaning

If you clean your gutters regularly it will be easier it to do it as the gutters will usually only have loose leaves to remove. If you forget to clean the gutters for an extended period of time the loose leaves will break down into soil. This in turn may be the beginning of your gutters turning into a quagmire.

You should clean them at least once a year but if you have overhanging braches every 6 months is going to be a safer option.

Tip # 4 Flush your downpipes

Once you have removed any debris from your gutters it is crucial that the downpipes themselves are clear of any obstructions. The easiest way to do this is using a hose to flush them out. However, if you have difficulty removing a stubborn blockage you may need to use a high-pressure hose for added firepower.

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