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Inverter Vs. Non-Inverter

When choosing to install an air conditioner called a split system air conditioning system, you have a couple of options. You can choose to get an system that has a built-in inverter or you can choose to get a regular air conditioning system. Both are pretty much almost look the same but inside, the motor is a little bit different.

The inverter unit is more complicated in that the compressor in the unit can go at different speeds automatically. The regular unit can only be set up to go one speed at a time. The advantage of having the compressor automatically change speeds is it detects temperature differences and changes accordingly. The inverter has the advantage in this instance because the regular unit doesn’t change automatically to reduce its function even though the temperature is cold enough already.

The regular unit definitely uses more power to run because it doesn’t have a sensor that detects if the desired room temperature is reached already. It keeps on running at full speed even though it doesn’t need to. The inverter unit uses only the energy required to get the desired room temperature and then it reduces its power usage until it needs to lower the temperature again. When you turn off the inverter unit, it also powers down slowly and almost goes to a deep sleep before it shuts off totally. This is so that when you turn it back on, it doesn’t require a huge surge of energy to turn it on.

People also notice that the inverter machines run smoother and therefore quieter than the non-inverter units. This is due to more efficient transitions in power usage of the inverter machines. It doesn’t overwork itself when needing more power unlike the regular units.

Some individuals though, like to have the AC running at a constant speed. This is especially true if they live in a really hot tropical country. The regular unit will keep pumping out very cold air consistently as the individual needs it.

The non-inverter units are cheaper to buy than the inverter technology units. If you are on a budget and can’t budge, you might just go with installing a regular unit. However, if you spend extra on the inverter units, you’ll save in the long run because your power bill won’t be as high as with the regular AC unit. If you do end up buying a regular unit or an inverter unit, make sure you maintain it and clean it at least every six months if you use it constantly. A lot of dust can plug up the filters and the air conditioning liquid inside the motor can run out. That will need to be topped up if you want your system to run longer and smoother without any problems.

You also have to watch for insects that make their way into the motor. If you go for a long vacation or are gone a few days, ants, spiders, or other small insects can make their way into the machine and wreak havoc on the motor and the fans. Make sure you get the system cleaned of debris and insects every six months if the area you live is prone to having a lot of insects and dust.

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